About Us

Who We Are

Since 2003, the mission of The Crossroads Group is simply to help organizations hear and respond the voice of the customer/stakeholder and report findings in manner which facilitates effective follow-up action at all levels (from senior leadership to front-line staff).

Initially specializing in healthcare (and now serving almost any industry), The Crossroads Group has designed and implemented hundreds of  client and employee survey projects over fifteen years. We currently administer over a hundred ongoing survey projects across the country and enjoy a client-retention rate of over 90% for patient and employee survey projects. This loyalty can only result from personalized service (we listen to our clients), a quality survey product at all levels (from questionnaire design to reporting), combined with a great value in terms of cost. We also adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients.

The Crossroads Group also is experienced in providing services for pharmacies, specialty care centers (e.g. Nephrology), Emergency Rooms, and hospitals. The Crossroads Group also is experienced working with health plans and health plan surveys and has provided services in other industries such as education, residency programs, and banking and has implemented several custom surveys to assess special programs or grant-funded projects.

How Are We Different?

Just as important as what we do, is how we operate, according to core values which are unchanging and are fueled by a genuine desire to serve our clients.

Personalized Service

Healthcare Industry Experience

Actionable Reporting

Our Founder

Mark E. Robledo, MBA

Founder & President

Mark served as an organizational development and process improvement consultant as Vice-President of a highly-regarded consulting firm and for HRSA prior to founding the The Crossroads Group in 2003.


Through engagements with clients in a wide range of industries, Mark recognized the need for actionable client, stakeholder, and employee survey feedback process. Over many years, this led to the development of unique measurement and reporting approach which actually provided valid, reliable, and actionable feedback.  Mark has been a frequent speaker for  primary care associations (pre-COVID) as well as the Commonwealth Purchasing Group on a range of topics related to patient and employee experience and also support client with strategic planning.  Mark also assumes a lead role in custom questionnaire design, scripting, and testing as well as special projects. In his spare time, Mark enjoys traveling with his wife and three daughters, working out, cycling, and mountain biking.

Our Survey Project Administration Team

Chris Copeland

Operations Manager

Lisa Marie Duesterheft

Director of Project Management

Wendy Lu

Sr. Project Manager/Analyst

Lezlie O’Bryant

Sr. Project Manager/Analyst

Flor E. Robledo

Director of Recruiting

Breanna Thomson

Project Manager/Analyst and Compliance Manager

Katie Ward

Project Manager/Analyst

Emily Zocchi

Project Manager/Analyst

Marshall MacNabb 

Business Intelligence Consultant

Katie Musick

Project Manager/Analyst and Manager of Onboarding

Catherine Lindley

Project Manager/Analyst

Laina Anderson

Project Manager/Analyst

Adaline Bray

Project Manager Analyst

Andrew Grant

Project Manager/Analyst

Krislyn Bramwell 

Accounting and Benefits Manager

Meagan Yarbrough

Project Manager Analyst

Sarah DeGarmo

Project Manager/Analyst

Denise Agramonte

Lead CATI Phone Survey Quality Control Consultant

Lucy Gonzalez

Surveyor Operations Manager

Melinda Duran

Surveyor Onboarding Coordinator

Markell Parks

CATI Phone Survey Quality Control Consultant

Crystal Guerrero

CATI Phone Survey Quality Control Consultant

Geneva Rodriguez

CATI Phone Survey Quality Control Consultant

Andrea Samaniego

CATI Phone Survey Quality Control Consultant

Not Shown: a team of over fifty individuals dedicated to providing quality interviews of healthcare patients in five languages.

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