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Employee Satisfaction & Engagement Surveys


The Crossroads Group specializes in the provision of highly-actionable employee surveys which are designed to provide insight into employee perceptions to improve engagement, retention, and outcomes. The survey administration process is designed to provide both actual and perceived confidentiality among employee respondents:


The scope of service typically includes:


  • Pre-survey communication support
  • Detailed implementation and reporting timeline
  • Access to question bank of field-tested questions (including engagement, burnout, key-driver, diversity, and remote-work questions)
  • Draft questionnaire and launch in test-mode for final review
  • Confidential administration of the survey using advanced survey platform
  • Provision of real-time participation and scoring results accessible online
  • Executive Summary and results presentation (consulting support available)


These measures, as well as the detailed verbatim comments which shed root-cause insight into scores, are valuable as a strategic planning input as well as to support targeted action-plan development and implementation to address identified opportunity areas.

Provider Satisfaction & Engagement Surveys


Provider recruitment and retention is a challenge for every healthcare organization. The Crossroads Group offers both stand-alone providers surveys or integrated survey modules which are offered to providers within the context of a broader organizational employee survey. Surveys offer providers an opportunity to provide confidential feedback in areas related to:


  • Burnout
  • Staff support (front and back)
  • Scheduling
  • EHR
  • Patient load and productivity expectations
  • Key-drivers of satisfaction
  • Quality of care and service


In additional to surveys, The Crossroads Group is also experienced with the provision of moderated focus groups, to probe both positives and opportunities for improvement as it relates to this key employee stakeholder group. These measures are valuable as a strategic planning input as well as to support targeted action-plan development and implementation to address identified opportunity areas.

Internal Department Evaluation Surveys


Without high-quality service from internal support departments, it is difficult to deliver high-quality service to customers; yet often this aspect of service is not evaluated. The Crossroads Group is experienced developing and implementing a survey process which is designed to assess internal support metrics such as timelines, quality of service, communication and interaction, and other drivers of service.


Departments evaluated include any departments which are serving internal stakeholders. While these vary across organizations, departments evaluated may often include Information Technology, Procurement, Environmental Services, Human Resources, Finance, and other departments. A process is implemented by which only the respondents who have experiences with the respective departments participate in the evaluation process. The result is a process by which internal service behaviors within the organization can be assessed, included in the reporting matrix, and ultimately improved by hearing the ‘voice of the customer’ internally. These measures are valuable as a strategic planning input as well as to support targeted action-plan development and implementation to address identified opportunity areas.

Employee Focus Groups

focus group


A focus group is a form of qualitative research in which a group of people are asked to share regarding their opinions or perceptions. Focus groups typically involve 8 -12 participants and are facilitated by a moderator who asks questions of the group. Focus groups are preceded by careful participant selection and the establishment of uniform ground rules. Sessions may be recorded or unrecorded and may involve employees, customers, prospective customers, or other population groups.


Focus groups are often a good complement to surveys (pre-survey to aid in the development of a new questionnaire or more commonly post-survey to provide additional qualitative insight around low-scoring areas). Multiple focus group sessions can be conducted when additional insight is required or when multiple population subgroups exist.


The Crossroads Group is available to provide cost-effective professional focus group facilitation services for employees, customers, or prospective customer population segments. Services can be scaled to meet the needs of small or larger organizations.

Board Effectiveness Evaluation Surveys


Board effectiveness in governance is a critical aspect of organizational performance, yet is not always measured. The Crossroads Group offers experience implementing a very cost-effective process to confidentially evaluate board perceptions related to areas which may include:


  • Board role and policy, understanding of
  • Board participation and follow-through (evaluation of board as a whole)
  • Organizational reporting metrics (effectiveness of)
  • Assessment of the strategic planning process
  • Board engagement
  • Comments and suggestions from the Board
  • Much more (we offer over 30 previously-utilized metrics to select from)


Trending and benchmark comparison analysis may also be included.

Employee Learning Needs Assessments



Interested in developing your employee educational curriculum but not certain where to begin? The Crossroads Group can provide your organization with a very cost-effective custom-designed employee learning needs assessment survey process which includes questionnaire design, survey administration (optional), processing, and reporting.

360 Degree Multi-Rater Feedback Surveys


360 degree feedback surveys (a.k.a. “muli-rater feedback surveys”) are designed to improve the performance of managers and/or employees by allowing them to rate themselves, to be rated by others, and to evaluate and utilize feedback to promote growth and development.


Multi-rator surveys may include feedback from peers, direct reports, subordinates, supervisors, contractors, suppliers, and others inside and outside the department (or organization). The advantage of these surveys is that a more comprehensive and multi-perspective assessment of development opportunities is obtained than would be the case from the traditional performance appraisal. Managers can learn how their peers and subordinates perceive them in areas such as accessibility, decision-making, coaching & feedback, technical skill, communication, performance management of other staff, and key behaviors.


By gaining objective professional insight into their own strengths and weaknesses, and comparing their own self assessment scores to those of others, managers can take actions towards improving their effectiveness. Combined with personal private coaching, management assessments are a valuable tool used towards management development and growth and ultimately impacting employee performance.


For more information on 360 Degree Feedback Survey services please contact us at no obligation.

Employee Exit Surveys


While losing talented employees is difficult, losing these employees without truly understanding why is especially detrimental over the long-run. It is imperative that organizations learn why high-value employees are leaving, so as to help prevent future defections.


As third-party professionals, The Crossroads Group can help obtain candid quantitative and qualitative feedback from employees regarding the reasons for their departure, as well as how their defection may have been possibly prevented.


Whether you need assistance setting up an internal process, or would like for a third-party to cost-effectively manage this process, we can help your organization either design a new process or improve your existing process. Please contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact for a free no-obligation needs assessment and quote.